Quick Hits: Be wary of Get Your Guide; Use Reykjavik Excursions

Be wary of Get Your Guide if you’re planning to travel to Iceland.

When you travel, you always need to expect the unexpected.  Even if everything is planned perfectly, things can change on a dime.  Sometimes the changes are good, but sadly in this following example the changes are bad.

It’s a pretty simple thing–If a tour company confirms a booking for a tour, that means you have a spot reserved right?  Apparently not with Get Your Guide.  I’ll let my friend’s experience speak for itself:

“We had a tour booked to go to the Blue Lagoon, around a fishing village and some of the country well in advance of our trip.  And then, 5 days before our tour, they told us that time was booked and asked if we could go an hour earlier, and we said yes, not really a big deal.  Then they told us 2 days before we were supposed to go, that they didn’t have any slots.  WHY did we wait this whole time, if you never had any spots to open to begin with??  So then, by the time they told us all the slots had been taken, the individual Blue Lagoon tickets themselves were sold out.”

I always want to give people, and even companies sometimes, the benefit of a doubt.  But if I’m going to pay money to fly all the way to Iceland, booked one of the key sights well in advance, and then 2 days beforehand they cancel — that’s totally unacceptable.   You tell’em Joe.


To end on a happy note though, my friend ended up booking a different tour with Reykjavik Excursions that took them to another one of the less-touristy hot springs which they thoroughly enjoyed, despite not seeing the main attraction they wanted to see most, and said their guide was amazing.  Here she is again:

“We took a 9 hour tour around the Golden Circle, waterfalls, and geysers.  The small hot springs they took us to ended up being a really cool experience.  They actually cook their own bread under the sand along the beach, where one of the hot springs bakes it.  They bake it for 24 hours, and when we got there, they had finished a loaf, and so we got to try it!”

All’s well that ends well I guess! And a special thanks to Laura Remis for the heads up!

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