Peru Part III – Machu Picchu

Obviously one of the highlights of any trip to Peru is a visit to Machu Picchu.  No trip would really be complete without it.  For this post I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking.  I will make one point however.  Most people will say that you must, must try and get to Machu Picchu for the sunrise.  I no doubt believe that that is probably an amazing time to see it, and we even got ourselves up before the ass-crack of dawn to try.  However, know that whenever you visit Machu Picchu, the weather is going to be a roll of the dice.  Unfortunately we weren’t so lucky, and the morning of our visit was cloudy and rainy.  Our guide commented on this saying that he loves how all the guidebooks suggest this, but they never tell people that its cloudy like 60-70% of the time.

So go early, if anything to beat the crowds, and if you’re luckier than us you’ll have clear skies.

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