Why I Love JetBlue

Hello friends.  Sorry I was silent for a little while there.  As much as I would love to be traveling around the world 365 days a year, I’ve still got that little issue of vacation time to worry about.  That being said – this is a good time to remind all my readers – I ACCEPT SUBMISSIONS TO POST ON MY BLOG.  Obviously, I can’t go everywhere in the world, but with your help we can try and cover each corner of the globe together.  So, if you have any sort of reviews, pictures, stories, tips (especially tips) about any places, restaurants or sights in the world, please feel free to forward them on to me and I’ll load them up.

Moving on now.  The one bit of traveling I did do was going home to Boston for Thanksgiving.  And while I generally hate dealing with the craziness of traveling during that time of the year, one thing made it far more managable: flying on JetBlue.

I absolutely love JetBlue, especially now that it flies in and out of the much more convenient Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. (as opposed to Dulles and Baltimore/Washington airports).   But aside from the convenience, JetBlue in my opinion gets everything right.  Because it’s a smaller airline, and generally flies mainly on the east coast, a lot of people haven’t had the chance to give them a try.  Here’s a rundown of why I think they’re the best.

– Just read this story about what did JetBlue did to help the family of one of the 6-year old victims of the Sandy Hook massacre:

– Price.  Airline tickets are ridiculously expensive, but JetBlue has managed to keep their prices consistently reasonable.  Like Southwest, the first bag you check is free of charge – without the 100 commercials you DVR fast-forward through.  Though admittedly JetBlue’s ticket prices aren’t gonna be as cheap as Southwest’s in some cases, it’s worth paying the few extra dollars for all of the following…

– Customer Service.  Great customer service on every flight I’ve been on.  The flight attendants are always friendly, and on one occasion I saw the flight attendant help every single female with a carry-on put their bags in the overhead – every single one.  They also provide bottles of Dasani water, Dunkin Donuts coffee along with blue Terra chips and/or cookies, nuts in the gate area as well as on the plane ride.

– 32 channels of DirecTV and SiriusXM satellite radio for free.  I cannot tell you how many times I was so happy to have a chance to watch the end of football games on my flights home on Sundays.  And going back to the customer service thing – my co-worker told me that on her shortly delayed JetBlue flight, they gave all the passengers free access to all the movies as an apology.

– Legroom.  Unlike on the larger carriers, JetBlue’s regular seats have more than enough room to cross your legs without the “can I do this without awkwardly banging my dirty-ass foot into the seat in front of me or the passenger next to me” hesitation.  And those are just the regular seats.  The “Even More Space” seats have so much room, they’re good for parents with little toddlers who want to stand/waddle in front of them.

– The Red Sox.  It’s the official airline of the Boston Red Sox.  That one’s just for me.


JetBlue is essentially that perfect blend of budget airline and big carrier without the annoyingness of the getting loaded onto a plane like a bus, or dealing with such a big airline that you get treated as poorly as your luggage.  I would go as far to say that if I had the choice of a direct flight on something like United or having to have to deal with a layover with JetBlue – I would actually take the layover.

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