Egypt – Bloopers edition

So over the course of the trip several odd things occurred.  Like any trip to another country, there are going to be experiences that you wouldn’t think would be normal at home, but are probably perfectly routine where you’re traveling.

For example, the airports in some of the small cities don’t have the strictest guidelines regarding where they park their planes.  If they did, our airport bus wouldn’t have taken us to the WRONG plane and let us almost get on board.  Yes, our bus drove about 50 people up to what we thought was our plane.  We got off, walked up the stairs to the door where passengers on the plane were trying to get off.   Needless to say, complete confusion on the part of the passengers, bus drivers, and flight attendants insued.

Or at home, it’s not uncommon to have a fender bender with another car every once in a while.  But in Egypt, apparently cruise ships have fender benders.  No joke, our boat at one point was backing up out of the dock and backed right into another ship with a huge crash.  And I’m pretty sure we committed a hit and run, because we straight up cruised away after the impact.

You’d also think the weather would be hot and sunny the entire time in the desert.  No, in fact our cruise was a little delayed going back up to Luxor because there were reports of rain and even snow at the Kom Ombo temple region where we had just been a couple days earlier.  Because the entire cruise was thrown off its timetable, the poor folks on our boat who were seeing the Kom Ombo temple on the way back up the river, had to go see the temple at night.  This wouldn’t have been a problem except that the storm knocked out the electricity.  So they had to walk through the dark and used the light from a few peoples’ iphones to look at the place.  I’m just glad we were able to see it in the daylight on the way down.

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