Travel Gifts for Girls

With the holidays coming up, it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about potential gifts for those of you who know avid travelers.  Here are some gift ideas for the traveling females out there that you need to shop for (this list is for the ladies, as it was put together by my female friend Ady; although I know a couple guys who would probably want the Dynamic Duo Makeup bag):

1. Pick Your Place Versatile Travel Journal from UsefulBooks on
2. London Art Print, 8×10 from studiokmo on
3. Dynamic Duo Makeup Bag & Dressing Table Bag from Anthropologie
4. Leather Lined Passport Case from Cole Haan
5. Printed eye masks from Odds & Blobs on
6. 3 Little Soaps with Travel Dish from Clinique
7. Canon PowerShot D10 Digital Camera from B & H Photo
8. Townhouse Carry-More Bag from Tumi
9. Opteka DF-TFT8 8-inch Digital Picture Frame from
10. Metal Chain Stud Square Scarf from Sabina Les

Excerpt from Ady Schneider: Tales of a twentysomething in NYC

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