A few quick tips

I’m learning very quickly that keeping a travel blog is sometimes hard to maintain regularly when you’re not traveling regularly.  I’m not going to be able to give you all stories every week even though I’d love to.  So allow me to share some random thoughts/tips every now and then that stem from things that I think of at any given moment.

-When you’re in line at the airport security gate, do yourself and everyone behind you a favor.  Be ready when it’s your turn at the X-Ray scanner.  Nothing is more annoying than someone who has tons of junk and takes forever to get their crap onto the belt – especially when you’re running a little late for your flight.  To make things go a little smoother, while you’re waiting in line, untie your shoes.  Take your watch, cell phone, and belt and put it in your carry-on (assuming you have one).  And while you’re putting stuff in your carry-on, take out that laptop that TSA wants you to separate.   Believe me, that routine will make your life much easier.  You can get all your stuff on the belt quickly, and when you get to the other side, you can quickly grab your bag and put your watch back on, take out your phone, etc. at a nearby chair without fumbling with all of it at the belt causing more traffic.

– Buy a bottle of water before you get on the plane at the Hudson News or whatever near your gate.  You might not be thirsty at the time, but believe me it could pay off.  If your plane is delayed and you’re stuck on the tarmac for an hour, the flight attendants don’t take drink orders.  You’ll be happy you at least have something.

-Finally, let the person in the middle seat have both arm rests.  I know it sounds silly.  But it already sucks to be in the middle (unless of course Giselle is on one side and Megan Fox is on the other), and it sucks even more if the guy on the right is hogging the right armrest, the girl on the left is hogging the left armrest.  Meanwhile, you’re stuck having to keep your elbows awkwardly pressed in your sides.  If you’re in the window seat, lean on the wall and wall arm.  If you’re in the aisle seat, lean a little on the aisle arm.  It’ll go a long way to make the middle person a tad more comfortable.  I’m saying this from a personal middle seat experience – 4 hours ago.

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