Quick Hits: The best Caesar salad is in London

London.  It’s the city that boasts Big Ben, royalty, pubs galore…and evidently the best Caesar salad?  Returning from her honeymoon just a few days ago, I asked my friend the usual travel question, “What was your best meal?”  You don’t expect a lot of things from English food–maybe perhaps a great fish and chips, bangers and mash, or Indian food.  But I was quite shocked when she said an out of this world Caesar salad.  Here she is:

“Jet lag set in, which required a bit of a nap, and by the time we awoke most restaurants in the neighborhood had already closed, as it was a Sunday. We decided to pop down to the hotel restaurant for a bite to eat, and once settled in to the dimly lit, cozy lounge with its plush velvet chairs, serendipitously happened upon what was undoubtedly the world’s most exquisitely delicious Chicken Caesar Salad. Classic in its elements, though deconstructed enough to make it interesting at a glance, the salty, creamy, freshness of this salad made it one that I would plan another trip to London for. It was so mind melting, that my husband is planning on writing to Bon Appétit to beg that they publish the recipe so that we and the rest of its readership can feast privately on this edible masterpiece in the privacy of our own homes forevermore.”

So yeah…


Unfortunately, she was too busy eating her salad to take a picture, but I trust her culinary taste-buds like they were my own.  Where in London does one find such a delicious dish?

“We stayed at The Zetter Hotel in Clerkenwell which was amazing and the bar/restaurant is called Club Zetter Wine Room & Kitchen.   Right behind the hotel is The Zetter Townhouse, which is a much smaller sister hotel built into a Victorian townhouse, and hosts a super quirky cocktail bar, also pretty bomb. I had an absinthe cocktail there and sat in the chair with the yellow pillow :)”

The Zetter Townhouse Cocktail Lounge, Clerkenwell
The Zetter Townhouse Cocktail Lounge, Clerkenwell

Thanks Jenny Eggert Bourque for the Quick Hit!  And remember, if anyone has any quick recommendations or stay-away-froms, feel free to send them to Here and There Travel!

Franklin & Marshall in Europe

During a dinner in Paris, we noticed a kid ride by on his skateboard wearing a Franklin & Marshall College sweatshirt and baseball cap.  He definitely stood out as super American in the Parisian streets and was doing what all the guidebooks told men not to do – dress like that.  A few hours later I noticed another kid with a Franklin & Marshall shirt.  My thought was “Wow, Franklin & Marshall’s got a pretty good study abroad contingent here.”

Then throughout the trip I saw multiple F&M students and then in London saw even more of them.  I literally was thinking “Man, for a small school they are just taking over Europe!” the entire time.  It wasn’t until I walked through London’s Nordstrom-style department store Selfridges that I noticed next to Calvin Klein, Polo, and all the high end clothing lines a Franklin & Marshall section.

Apparently, some Italian kids a few years ago started a clothing line using a used Franklin & Marshall College t-shirt they found in a second hand store in London.  The “American College Style” look is apparently hip and you can buy a Franklin & Marshall t-shirt for 50 Euros (that translates to about $64).   Why those kids just don’t buy a Franklin & Marshall shirt from the school website for half the cost is beyond me.  The funny part is according to the site, the actual college didn’t know this was going on for a few years and were just as confused as to why there were so many F&M kids in Europe.  They eventually licensed their name to the clothing company.

So if you’re curious as to why there are so many Franklin & Marshall youths in Europe – they’re probably not from Lancaster, PA.