Instant Jumpstart

I think most of us take for granted how valuable our cars are on either a day to day basis or even more so when you decide to take a long road trip.  You put in the key in the ignition, start the car, and you get to where you need to go with no complications 99% of the time.

It’s those instances when your car doesn’t start that you realize how disastrous it can be to always rely on your car working and not have a backup.  My mantra (thanks to Mom) when traveling is always have a back up for everything – print two tickets, keep your credit card numbers in your suitcase, copy your passport.  This mantra applies to backing up your car as well.

Due to some recent issues with my Subaru, the battery in my car would fail to start every few months or so (long story, not even worth talking about here).  But my lifesaver each time was my Durabuilt Instant Jumpstart System.  Portable and convenient, this device simply plugs into any wall socket in your house and gets charged after a few hours.  Keep it in the back of your car and you’ll never get stranded in the middle of nowhere.  The prices for these things range from $60-$200; I bought mine at Target for about $80 and its worked about a dozen times already.

So if you’re planning on doing a lot of traveling on the road, do yourself a favor and get one – it’s worth the investment.